Компактный суперкомпьютер КС-ЭВМ 1

In the framework of the presidential program "Development of supercomputers and Grid-technologies" in 2010 Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov (VNIIEF), part of the State Corporation "Rosatom", has developed two models of personal supercomputers - the universal and special purpose, and software packages for mathematical modeling. In 2010, Samara State Aerospace University was set universal model CS-1 computer.


Universal supercomputer designed for a wide range of engineering problems. It's peak performance about 1.1 Teraflops at double precision arithmetic. The supercomputer is based on AMD processors and includes three motherboard. Thus, the system contains 144 processor cores. On each motherboard is installed with 128 GB of memory, 384 GB total. As high-speed communication network to transmit interprocess messages using switch-free connection of InfiniBand adapters.

In universal supercomputer used mixed type of cooling - the heat from the CPU is given to water pipes to the radiator on the back of the case, and dissipated with fans. Working system running Linux.